About The Site

Why Kierston?

I first saw Kierston in her movie It’s A Free World,I was absolutely blown away by her performance.It was the first time I had seen her work as an actress and straight away thought she was an incredibly beautiful woman with an outstanding amount of talent. After watching that I knew she had a lot of potential and that we were sure to be seeing her on our screens again soon. When the previews of The Take came out in 2009 I was incredibly excited,not only to see that one of my favorite actors (Tom Hardy) and favorite actress (Charlotte Riley) were in it,but also that Kierston was too. The previews looked amazing and I couldnt wait to see it! After watching it,I was absolutely amazed by the casts performances,being completely honest I thought the casting in this was spot on.You could not have found a better cast for it. After,I went on to see fish tank,and although Kierston’s part wasnt as big,she once again amazed me with another amazing performance. I’ve been following Kierston’s works since then and look forward to seeing her new projects.

How The Site Came About?

Since becoming a fan of Kierston’s after seeing her projects,I was shocked to see that there were no fansites on her as she has an enormous talent! I always wanted to open a site on her,and the time came to do so in November 2010. I hope that this site will bring all other Kierston fans all the news,updates and pictures on Kierston and her career